Frugality as a Way of Life

I started seeing the value of saving money at a young age.  I really, really loved Sky -Y summer camp in Prescott, AZ.  But when I was 12, the cost was about $350 a week. Aye Caramba! I started saving my babysitting money and birthday checks from relatives.  The way I saw it, putting aside $1 a day would get me a week of camp each year.

so I started with buying a week that year. In the years that followed, I bought 2, then 3, then 4 weeks of camp! I knew what my goal was, and I went for it.

at 17, I started working for a grocery store as a bagger, lottery clerk, and eventually a bookkeeper.  I would see women coming in to the store, buying a cart full of groceries for X amount.  Then I'd see a coupon shopper leave with a similar cart load, paying less than half of what the other women paid.

that was the light bulb moment.  My Oprah Ah-ha moment.  I could start shopping for my mom, and if I saved money with any coupons, I got to pocket it.  My mom didn't care; she was one of the full-price women (and bless her heart, she still is).

A new era began. I couponed through college, getting recycled coupons from the newspapers left in my dorm's lobby.  I surprised family and friends with my receipts.  Paying full price just wasn't an option...I was hooked.  

After graduating with a degree in education, I used my frugal tendencies to pad my apartment.  I sewed my own chair covers.  I went to thrift shops for gently used items. I stocked the cupboards with super cheap groceries.  And of course, the questionable yellow flowered hand-me-down couches were beautiful in my eyes, because they were free. 

Becoming a mom meant I really had to budget in a way I'd never imagined.  I wanted to be able to stay home with my kids the first few years of their lives, so I bumped down to working part time, and i turned up the frugality notch even higher. I found an opportunity to work from home as a representative for Coupon Sense, an online company.  I would teach classes and lead conference calls for couponing newbies. 

Eventually Coupon Sense went all digital, and it was my time to move on.  Since then I've written e-books, given presentations at libraries, and been a speaker on cruise ships. The most important thing I try to teach people is that Frugality isn't just the buzz word of the year; it needs to be a way of life. Welcome to my site!

I have no idea why these guys are on my site, help!

I have no idea why these guys are on my site, help!

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